Monday, August 2, 2010

If Not Now, When?

Sometimes, the best remedy for a creative block, is to just create. Above, are some new 4x6 collages I made last week.

My two major goals for 2010 are: 1) to start a blog and 2) open an Etsy shop. The first was difficult for me because of the reasons I provided here. The second is even harder than I imagined. For a lot of the same reasons as the blog but mostly because of FEAR. Fear that no one will buy my creations. Fear that my stuff is not as good as X's or Y's. Fear of criticism. Fear of vulnerability. Of putting myself out there. Even sharing these feelings is not easy. But, if I let fear control me then I'll never realize any of my dreams/goals. And no matter how scared I am, I'm not willing to live a life full of regret and what-ifs.

So, I'm announcing my intention to open an Etsy shop and kicking fear to the curb. Stay tuned for more updates on the grand opening.

And thanks for the great suggestions on how you get past creative blocks. I've got them stored away in my arsenal for future blocks.


Anonymous said...

I heard the BEST quote this weekend from someone I admire more than life. She said "Comparison is the thief of joy." How true, no?

So don't let that thief near you, girl! I'm so excited to read you are just going for it! YES!

Cait said...

I'm here cheering you on!

Supertwin said...

What's an Etsy shop? I probably should know this. In the spirit of conquering the fear of someone laughing at my post and saying 'Everyone knows what an Etsy Shop is', I ask.

Danielle said...

Supertwin - thanks for asking. I shouldn't have assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. Uh-oh, does that mean our powers are on the decline??? Etsy is an e-commerce website for handmade items, craft supplies, and vintage wares. So kinda like an Ebay but a handmade marketplace. Hope that helps.

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