Monday, September 20, 2010


I apologize for being absent for so long from this space. Posts and words just haven't been there & I never want this blog to feel forced or insincere. I'm also still trying to adjust to working again and finding the right balance between all that I want to accomplish. And honestly, sometimes, that just means vegging out on the couch watching reruns of this show.

Today I signed up for this class & couldn't be more excited.

Today I also signed up with this coach. Woz is fantastic & I am raring to go. I was fortunate to have had a free session with her through Artella's ARTbundance Coach Training  & we really clicked.  She was extremely warm, friendly and encouraging. She did a fantastic job of making me feel very comfortable as I was nervous and shy/vulnerable about sharing all my innermost thoughts with a "stranger." But, right from the start of the call and during our correspondence before & after the call, she was so kind.

Today these words really hit home: Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, & stop watching ourselves live ~ Chamfort.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday & thanks for reading.

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Woz said...

I'm worried that your blog hates me because this is the third time I'm going to try to comment. :P

Anyway, I just wanted to say 1) Try to be gentle with yourself as you readjust to your new routine. We (your readers) will be waiting. :)and 2) Thank you so much for giving me some love in this post! I look forward to working with you. :D

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