Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Cute erasers from B&N
Hello Ghosts & Ghouls.  Can you believe that its already the last day of October? Time has really been passing by quickly. Too quickly if you ask me.

Yesterday, I had brunch with a good girl friend. Afterwards, we did a little retail therapy at these newly opened stores. Then M & I watched this TV show & these movies in the spirit of Halloween.

This morning, made this excellent breakfast from the recipe of my blog friend Eeny. She has regular posts of her Sunday breakfasts & usually the recipe too. It was so good. We added a little maple syrup to the sugar & cinnamon topping.

Monday & Tuesday, I will be taking time off of work & going on the campaign trail. I've talked about work a few times, but have never mentioned my specific job because this is not a blog about work. And most importantly, I don't think it would be appropriate. But, I will say that my position depends on the current Governor being re-elected for a second term, so I am anxiously awaiting this Tuesday's election results. At this point, I just want to know - win or lose - because the not knowing is difficult.

Hope that you're enjoying your Sunday.


Cait said...

Sounds like you had fun! Yummy good fun.
I meant to post but I've had a head cold, and my mind is a bit fuzzy. :-)
Hope you have a good weekend.

So, how did the election turn out? In your favor?

Danielle said...

Cait - get better soon! I've missed your posts & comments. Unfortunately, it did not go in my favor. I'll have a post about it this weekend. I just needed some time to work through it.

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