Monday, November 29, 2010

Paper Love Monday

Hello All,

Just wanted to thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. Your support & encouragement are so very greatly appreciated! It truly means the world to me that you take the time to read & comment. Big virtual hugs to you all!

Hope that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving (if you live in the states). Its been a whirlwind of activity here. Something that doesn't happen too often in our quiet little corner of the world. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday at my Uncle & Aunt's and then Friday, I was off to Maryland to visit one of my high school besties. Thanks for the great time Mel. And thanks for letting me hitch a ride with you Tric (aka Sergeant Bradley) & Elaine.

I just got home last night, missing M, who left early in the morning for a work trip to Chicago. I had hoped to accompany him, but that didn't work out. Next time...

Today, is dedicated to organizing & getting things in order. Both mentally & physically. There will definitely be a run, laundry, straightening up of my office, & working on something exciting for next week. I will share more details very soon.

Also, I want to start a Paper Love Monday Series, featuring my paper love pick for the week. I think its a fantastic way to start off the week. So, without further ado:

Today's pick is Sweet Harvey, an Etsy shop full of letter press goodies (via decor 8). My favorites are the:

Lollipop Gift Tags

Hello Robot Greetings Card

Folded Greeting Single Card
 Hope you enjoyed the start of this new series. Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Room service and HBO are no way to experience Chicago...wish you were here (Thanks for the line, Roger). - M

wholly jeanne said...

oh this will be fun. i am such a paperphile. and hey, welcome to #reverb10. look forward to your reverberations throughout december.

Woz said...

The robot card is tops :)

linda said...

we have a shared love of journals :)

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