Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy A-Day

Happy A-Day & Happy Valentine's Day, my friends. Yes, you read that correctly - A-Day. Feb 14th has always been extra special to me & not because of V-Day (though, I've always been a sucker for "romance" too).  A-Day is a term coined by a friend of mine who is also adopted & I was 7 months old when I arrived from Seoul, South Korea into O'Hare airport on this very date, 34 years ago.

My wonderful parents
So this is a post dedicated to my incredible parents. I can't say enough how lucky I feel everyday to have you as my parents. You have been nothing but supportive, loving & generous all my life. I love you both so much!
And to M - thank you for being my husband & the love of my life.

Here's to a great week. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Cait said...

Oh! This is so sweet.

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