Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few things I like

Hello All,

Just wanted to share a few things I'm really liking this week:

This card from Sarah Coyne.  
For those of you who know M & are wondering what this is about - yes, he grew a beard & it suits him to a T. Very handsome!

Also Sarah's business card - too cute!

These online beauties:  Rue, Lonny, & Matchbook Magazine

This blog post because I needed to read it. IN. A. BIG. WAY.

This print because its cute and a great blueprint for any type of relationship (marriage, friendship, co-workers).

Hope you're having a good week & thanks for stopping by.


linda said...

that first card kinda creeps me out. haaha :)

Love to see blog posts from you!

Woz said...

Way fun. Made me smile. :D

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