Monday, August 1, 2011

The August Break

Friends, for the entire month of August, I am participating in the August Break. This was started last year by Susannah Conway as her way to take a break from blogging actual words.  In order to maintain her online presence, she posted pictures instead. The rules are that there aren’t any. Basically just post one or more photos a day or when you feel moved to, using any camera. Nice & easy. I thought that this would help me 1) improve my photo-taking skills  2) force me to notice the everyday & 3) get used to always whipping out my camera on a moment's notice.

You can join here at any time & if you don’t have a blog, there is a Flickr group. FYI: The Handmade Love Wednesdays Series will still continue.



MissKoolAid said...

An interesting idea. I will keep it in mind for next year. I already have my blog posts planned for this month.
Thanks for sharing that info. And I love the cat photo!

linda said...

Love this idea. Especially because I thought a break meant a complete blogging break. Whew!

Danielle said...

Sophie-You're so good at planning your blog posts! I am not. But I'm trying to improve. I realized that I've only shared pics of our pups & never our cats...he is the first of 4 pets.

Linda-This will be fun! I'm in need of something different on this blog, so hopefully people like it.

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