Monday, October 24, 2011

Bare Walls

Since making vast house renovations (see some projects here & here), we haven't really focused on decor yet. Specifically, our walls are still bare, even though all the painting has been done & we've bought prints & "inherited" some oil paintings. So we have many items waiting for frames & matting. Truth be told, I think that the renovations & then buying furniture just wore us out.

Imagine my excitement then when I found a Living Social Coupon for MyPix2Canvas. I ordered 2 11x14 1 1/2 inch deep canvases & one 16x20 1 1/2. My thought was that we wouldn't need to frame them & thus could get something on our walls STAT. Also, we could start a tradition of having a canvas done using pictures from our travels.

11x14 of the view from our hotel room in Hawaii -
we were lucky to have a deck & a room right next
to the water

11x14 of Italy - can't remember which place this was
specifically :(

16x20 of our pups. Yes, we are those people -crazy about
our dogs. This was originally taken with my cell phone & the
lighting is yellowish but the quality still came out terrific.
The canvases exceeded my expectations, especially considering the one above was taken with my cell phone. We'll be hanging the travel ones in our stairway/upstairs hallway. Happy Monday & thanks for stopping by!


Dirt On The Rocks said...

i really love pictures up on the wall. right now i moved into my boyfriend's apartment and space is tough. he's mainly got his guitars hanging. however, more pictures will be in my future!

i love this. and living social is aesome.

Anonymous said...

what a great thing. i have tons of pictures to hang on the walls and i just never get around to doing it!

and i know what you mean about decor wearing you out. don't you just wish you could just come home one day and everything will be all organized and in the right place?

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...these canvases turned out great! I'll be sure to check that that Pix to canvas place.

Danielle said...

Abby - that's why I'm grateful that we have separate offices so that M can keep his guitars in there & not on the walls :) ha ha

Kathy - yes, wouldn't that be fantastic!

Mary - Let me know how yours turn out if you decide to use them.

Linda said...

I had a groupon type deal for this but opted out because I was too lazy to find a print and needed to save money. You make me feel a twinge of regret!

Danielle said...

Linda - I waited until the night before the coupon expired to use it so I know what you mean about "lazy." They will probably offer it again - keeping fingers crossed.

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