Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Favs Friday - Scary Movie Edition

Friends, just wanted to take a moment & thank you so much for liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter, posting comments here & just stopping by (even if you don't comment, I still appreciate you - I know you're there, the stats don't lie). It means the world to me! Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes you happy. Our weekend will consist of spending major quality time together since M has been gone on a business trip since last Sat.

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Now on to this week's list. In celebration of Halloween & all things creepy, macabre, & ghoulish, I’ve listed my favorite “scary” movies. Due to Mary’s awesome suggestion (great idea – thanks!), I’ve added Mr. Linky below so that you can share your favorites too on your blog. And for those of you who don’t like horror movies [we can still be friends ;)] you can list a movie that scared you, perhaps being the reason you don’t like them now or any old regular movie that was so bad it warrants being in this genre.
  1. The Exorcist – Straight-up scary possessed girl. Check. No stupid looking CGI effects. Check. Best use of a can of pea soup. Check.
  2. The Others – I feel like this didn’t get the attention it deserved. Nicole Kidman is
    fantastic. The story is chilling in addition to the beautiful cinematography. Highly recommend for those of you who can’t stand gore or violence. It delivers just the right amount of scares in a completely subtle & clever way.
  3.  Poltergeist – This list wouldn’t be complete without a cheesy 80s movie thrown in. And it scared me when I was just 6 years old. As in I attribute my fear of clowns to this movie. Useless info: I was good friends in college, with JoBeth Williams nephew (she played the mom).
  4.  The Descent - Spelunking, group of women, scary creatures that can see you in the dark. Beware - pretty violent & gory but not gratuitous.
  5. The Ring - This was the first of the Japanese remakes & the only one that was done well. Super creepy girl (hmmmm...what's with all the scary girls), Naomi Watts, Seattle as the backdrop & even though a little too slick & somewhat gimmicky, it delivered on the creepiness factor. 
 Bonus links (because 5 just isn't enough):
  1.  It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – OK so this isn’t scary at all, but it’s a classic for sure & a fav since my childhood. The Simpsons parody on this was cute too.
  2. Anything by Hitchcock – Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds. He changed the face of horror movies & movies in general. "The Master of Suspense" indeed.
  3. Southland Tales - This is my contribution to a non-horror movie that should have been b/c it was so bad.
 ***Don't forget about Mr. Linky and/or leave a comment with your faves. Have a spooktacular weekend (sorry, couldn't resist)! 


Anonymous said...

you forgot the amityville horror (the original one) - scared the crap outta me!

the exorcist is the scariest film ever. even now, i can't watch it!

Linda said...

1. Descent was FANTASTIC. One of my favorite scary movies. Acting was great and it wasn't all just cheap tricks with music and surprises.

2. Someone said Amityville the original. I um like the latest one with Ryan Reynolds. It was the first time I saw him all muscular. ;)

3. Ring did a number on me. I watched it theaters and could hardly even shower that night. I kept peeking out my shower curtains.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

have a wonderful weekend. Omg I've seen all those movies and just thinking about it freaks me out lol

Danielle said...

Kathy - I didn't see Amityville until I was older so it didn't scare me. There were so many though that I could have put on there.

Linda - I knew where you were going with the Ryan Reynolds comment from the get-go. You crack me up!

Abby - have a great weekend too!

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...I forgot to check here before I did my Friday post. Robin Panzer has a "Food for Thought Thursday" and Janet is taking part in "Paint Party Friday." I couldn't get Mr. Linky to open up here. I will do my Fav Five next week for sure and link back to you. "Great Pumpkin" is still my favorite Halloween movie.
I hope you are having a great weekend!

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