Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Favs Friday

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend & enjoy this week's links. 
  1. This roundup of s’mores recipes. Because Fall is NOT complete without them.
  2. This article on the reason why some people don’t have one true calling - why that’s normal & even why we’re better off that way. A must read for those of us still searching for our “one” true calling & feeling frustrated for not finding it yet.
  3. This monthly subscription service for personalized stationary – notebooks, journals & assorted  unique stationary. I. Must. Have. This.
  4.  This Alice teacup drawing.
  5. This entire line of clothing. I first wrote about Emersonmade here & have purchased several items since. Love. 


Tricia said...

Hey lady! Loving the Five Favs Friday posts. Need to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

omg i LOVE stationary too. i think every girl does. we have all these great stores FILLED with stationary, pencils, pens, cases, note books, paper, stamps.. everything you can think of when it comes to stationary. and they have cute designs like hello kitty, little twin stars, those japanese characters, super mario bros etc. i could spend HOURS in there

Linda said...

LOVE that article about true callings. Thank you for sharing it.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

great round up of links. i am checking them all out right now at work, hehe. i lovee link ups. i get to find new sites to love and adore!

Danielle said...

Tricia - good to hear from you! Yes, a girl's day is in order.

Kathy - I even like going to generic office stores too - that's how much I love paper.

Linda - so glad that you found the article inspiring or helpful or what-have-you.

Abby - glad you're liking this series. Its a lot of fun for me too.

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