Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 3

Another week of Project Life completed. Before I share, I wanted to talk a little about my process. When I first decided to take on this project, I read a bunch of posts on other bloggers' processes, organization & thoughts on it. I thought it would help but instead, I ended up feeling somewhat overwhelmed & I have to admit intimidated. I couldn't help but compare my skills to theirs & felt that I came up short. But, I forged ahead & let all those feelings of inadequacy go. I mean, there is no right, wrong or "perfect" way to do this. And once I started, I instantly felt better. Because this was all mine.

So, getting back to my own process...I have decided to choose the pics I want to use on Sat, print them all out & lastly figure out my layout. I don't use a separate planning map of the pages, like I've seen others do. I print the pics that I like the best or that will print out the most clearly as 4x6 & then all the others as 2x3. On Sunday, I pick the coordinating cards, ephemera & then start putting everything together. It takes me a couple hours to complete just this last part. Hopefully, as I continue, this entire process will be faster.

Now on to this week's spread.

The entire spread
Left side
This is M's rental car covered in snow on the
morning he had to drive to N.H. & the bottom pic
is of the temp on that day. I printed out a map & added
an arrow sticker to show his route.
The card on the left is just a list of highlights
from my week & the card on the right is of one the pups.
The left pic is of a banana & almond butter smoothie
I made & on the right is a desk shot of me getting
organized & figuring things out. 
This is my fav pic of the week. This is how I was
woken up last Sun morning. He climbed up
on my chest & just stared at me until I gave him
permission to give me a kiss. 
These last 2 pics are of a cute movie theater & church
that M took in Montpelier, VT. I am so grateful that he took
all these pics & is actively participating. 
The right side 
Love the sky on this day - the label says it was
in  the high 50s that day & rain was expected

later in the evening.
One of my fav teas. The pic on the right is of the
quote on the tea bag (sorry for the blurriness) & the
journaling says that I always have 1 cup after my lunch
at work.
On the left, M's tickets & the paper clip says joy.
On the right are the TV shows we've been watching.
On the left is an envelope holding the TSA
notification that M's luggage was searched & on the
right is M's gate # (the journaling underneath says that
there is only one terminal at the Manchester Airport in
N.H.) & the moon from the plane
This final spread is of M finally returning home.
The sunset pic was taken in our grocery store's parking
lot & on the right are a few things M brought home for
my parents. 

 Thanks for stopping by & see you here on Wed for the return of the Cool Creative Chicks series.


kat said...

pay no mind to what others are doing; this is your own and it's amazing. just think: when you're done, you'll have an awesome keepsake to look back on!

can't wait to see the finished product!

Danielle said...

@Kat - I couldn't agree with you more. I'm over the comparison thing now :)

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