Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 4

I am a week behind but that's OK. I'm still loving this project so very much.

Here's week 4:
This is the entire spread - if you click
on it you should be able to view it larger
The left side
My NY manifesto is on the top right.
The card on the left lists all the mail I received &
the pictures in the middle are of the mail. 
The bottom left is a pic of a creme brulee
cupcake I had & on the left is of a package
from a blog contest I won & a letter from a
new friend/pen pal.
The right side
The top left is of my one little word album &
the right is of my collages for the altered art
journal round robin. In the middle is the
envelope I received from Urbanic Papers. The middle
card says that I had a stomach bug & the last card is of
Mad Men Season 4, what I watched on Sat, while sick.
The bottom left is the invite to my friend's 1st
year birthday party, which I missed because of
feeling sick. His dad sent me a pic of him playing
with the present we bought him. On the right, is
the tag from having my car worked on & behind
it is the receipt for how much it cost. 
Hope you had a great weekend & here's to a great week. Thanks for stopping by.


linda said...

Hee. I made it in!

Amanda Kasper said...

D ~ I love love love this project. It makes me excited that youre sharing your journey with it. and what an incredible 2012 reflection it will be in just a handful of months =) xo

Danielle said...

@Linda - Of course!
@Amanda - Thanks for your encouragement/support! I truly appreciate it.

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