Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Favs Friday

Can you believe it's almost the last week of February? Wow - time is flying by way too fast. 2012 SLOW DOWN. I pick M up at the airport tonight! Trying to get used to him traveling so much now for work. At least, he was only gone for a week this time versus 2 weeks last month.

Also coming up on the end of my first week of my elimination/detox diet - vegan, no added sugars & gluten-free.  I went to an acupuncturist who told me that I'm allergic/sensitive to gluten & sugar & that these food sensitivities are contributing to the health issue I've had for a little over a year now. I will have had an appointment with a naturopath by the time you read this for a second opinion, so hopefully, I will be on my way to improved health, slowly but surely. I am disconcerted that not one of my 3 "traditional" doctors ever asked what my diet consisted of & the foods I was eating, but I shouldn't be surprised. 

And now on to this week's favorites. Have a wonderful weekend & thanks as always for stopping by & leaving me such kind comments. 
  1. I am in LOVE with this washi tape printer
  2. 3D printing - so amazing!
  3. These postage stamps.
  4. These free printable action plan sheets.
  5. This blog for her fantastic vegan recipes.


Linda said...

First two links are amazing. I follow the next two links! We have a lot of overlap in our reader!

Danielle said...

@Linda-Great minds...

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