Monday, May 21, 2012

Moments in Photos - M's Birthday

It was a two-day celebration for M's birthday. I'd thought I'd share some of those pics.

The Nelson's love us some brunch 
Our first trip to the zoo
The polar bears were extremely playful

The aquarium

A shy manatee
This orangutan kept hiding
under the paper  

A baby bonobo

Dinner at my parents on Sat
A blizzard birthday cake

Not pictured - going to see The Avengers. 
See you on Wed for a Project Life post. 


Krystal said...

what fun! the bears look so cute :)

Linda said...

The bear on the bucket kills me. Also, I know I said this before but I love your header.

Danielle said...

@Krystal - Yes, the bears were super cute. I left the zoo with conflicted feelings though...
@Linda - I can always stand to hear a repeated compliment ;)

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