Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Right Now

Around here lately:

There's dealing with a pup's injured back so... 
 ...there's keeping him barricaded in the
living room (also Mr. B was shaved for the summer)
There's making cards for 52 Weeks of Mail
There's always cloud pics
There's preparing for 5:30 a.m. runs 
There's record breaking temps
And not pictured:
There's being one of two special guests for the Craft Social altered journal chat
There's making new online friends
There's adding organic coconut oil to my green tea (supposed to be great for dry skin)
There's being sore from working out to a Jillian Michael's DVD
There's a new business idea in the works (more on that soon)

What is there for you? 


Anonymous said...

aww poor pup! hope he feels better soon.

i heard so many great things about coconut oil that i'm thinking of picking some up for myself!

what JM dvd are you doing?

Danielle said...

@Kat - yes, the coconut oil is really good. I think I can tell the difference. As for the JM dvd - I believe it's her 30 day shred one. I have 3 & I can't remember at the moment which it is. Old age...

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