Monday, July 2, 2012

The Birthday Weekend 1.0

So my big birthday weekend...didn't quite go off as I had planned. On Friday, after work, I went to pick up some fun crafty supplies.

 Then while at dinner, there was a major storm. We were on the inner side - farthest away from the windows - so we didn't realize the severity. Later we would find out that there were 80 mph winds.

We arrived home to this fallen tree in front of our garage - which thankfully did not hit the house. Our entire town was out of power & 80% of the entire county we reside in as well. The Governor declared a state of emergency.

Thanks Dad for cutting this up!
So Saturday, we went into Columbus to get brunch as planned but the lines were backed out the door  because so many people were without power so we skipped it :( Thank goodness the movie theater was still opened.

Loved this movie!
On our way home, we stopped by our grocery store & as you can see, all the perishables, dairy & produce had been thrown away. We subsisted on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & tried not to complain too much in the 100 degree temps without AC ;)

Fortunately, our power ended up coming on late last night (many of my co-workers are still without). So the birthday celebrations are on hold for now. I'm just grateful that we only lost our power for 2 days. The last major storm we had a couple years ago - we didn't have power for 7 days & were literally, the last neighborhood to get it. Here's to a great week!


Anonymous said...

a few years ago, we had a huge power-outage hit the entire eastern seaboard. it was mass chaos! some cities were without power for 4 days and it was also during a heat wave.

our city was one of the last ones to have power restored but we had a full tank of propane and a new fridge/freezer that was well-insulated so all of our food was safe (and still frozen after 4 days!) and we had a 4 day bbq but with warm beer (bleh).

i'm glad you had a good birthday despite what happened.

Danielle said...

@Kat-I can't believe your food lasted after 4 days!

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