Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Goals

The first week of the New Year already come and gone. Too quickly, if you ask me. I have been a little slow with momentum and I'm blaming it on still being in vacation mode. I have my list of 11 things I don't need this year but I wanted to write some specific goals to go along with the broad statements.

My Etsy shop - expand and make a priority:
  • Offer 6 new products this year.
  • Work on taking better product photos.
  • Research and implement a marketing plan by reading this book.
  • Write a business plan.
Health - plain and simply-get healthier physically and mentally:
  • Go back to being a pescetarian (a vegetarian who eats fish). I was a pescetarian for over a year and then I fell off the wagon.
  • Exercise 3-4x a week. Last year, I completed a 5k training, but since then I haven't exactly maintained a regular exercise program. And I think that I undid all the progress I made in just this past month alone. I used the Holidays as an excuse to let go of my health.
  • Try yoga or meditation several times a week (in addition to regular exercise).
  • Continue writing 750 words a day (based on Julia Cameron's morning pages from this book)
  • Participate and follow-through in Ali Edward's class that I signed up for.
  • Work in my visual/artist's journal once a week, even if that means only spending 5 minutes on a page.
  • Get back to sketching and drawing again.
This weekend we went to see this movie, the Coen Brothers do not disappoint. We also watched this one, which I cannot recommend enough.

Hope that you are enjoying your Sunday night. Thanks for reading as always. Would love to know what some of your New Year's goals are and/or any good movie recommendations.


linda said...

I did the Artist Way last year! Loved it. Good luck with all your goals! :)

Woz said...

This is making me smile. :D I love the goals you have set up and see them to be so very manageable (so key!).

I did Artist's Way several years ago and just loved it. I'm intrigued by the 750 words site and might give it a go. I will say though, that those morning pages were so helpful. It's right around the 2 page mark where I was all "aha" nearly everyday. They are powerful...even on the days when I would start off with "Oh gosh, another day, I have nothing to say but will write anyway..." So emo. HA!

iHanna said...

Such great goals you've put together! I wish you all the luck with them! What great year we will have! :-)

Happy new year!

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