Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper Love Wednesday

Today's feature is from SpaceDog Studios and is one of the vendors I bought from mentioned in this post. Sarah is a fellow Ohioan and lives in Columbus. She was super sweet & had an amazing assortment of handmade journals/books.

I purchased these two journals and I wanted to buy one of everything she had:

 Sketchbook and Flash Card Pack

Hope you're having a great week & thanks as always for stopping by. You can find last week's feature here.


linda said...

LOVE the sketchbook. Man journals are so addictive. We have this addiction in common :)

Danielle said...

As far as addictions go, I can think of worse ones to have :) Check out my picture of my journal cabinet here:
Its gotten a lot worse. I can't even fit anymore journals in there & that was just one storage space.

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