Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post Card Swap Part III

I joined another post card swap, this time, through iHanna's blog. We had to make 10 post cards & it was international. Seven of my cards were sent to Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, & Canada. You can see my post cards for the first swap I did here.

This time, I decided to go simple. No paint or gesso. I used a lot of washi & masking tapes, collage ephemera & quotes. I thought I would share my cards with you (Sorry the picture quality is not the best. If you want to know what a specific quote says or have any questions about the process or products used, just leave me a comment).

I'm really looking forward to receiving my 10 cards. I've already received 4 & I'll share them all with you in another post. Would anyone be interested in joining a swap that I would organize? I'm open to anything. It can be a-choose-whatever-you-want-to-send creation (i.e. poem, collage, card, sewn item, sketch, etc.) I know some of you are thinking that you're not "creative" but that's not true! Creativity takes the form of anything, like putting together a stylish outfit, or cooking a meal. Of course, I realize that you can't send food or clothes in a swap, but you can use that same process. Please don't be shy. Just think of it as how you'll be helping me out in my first organization of something like this, which is a big wish of mine. Leave a comment if you're interested. Thanks!

And to all the new visitors from the post card swap - welcome & thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate the kind email responses you've sent. Perhaps, several of you will be interested in another swap?

Here's to a great week!


linda said...

How artistic are you! I'm jealous and impressed all at once.

If you're interested in collecting another penpal I need to get back to writing. However! I must warn you my paper goods are premade and outdated.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Danielle.

Danielle said...

Thanks Linda! And I'm envious of your drawing talent. I loved your sketchbook project. I would love to have you as a penpal! There is nothing like snail mail & I wont be making handmade stationary all the time. I have outdated & pre-made stuff too bc both are fantastic. Send ne your address asap!

Joyfulploys said...

Danielle I'm always game for a postcard swap...maybe have fewer cards to make this time...maybe five each? I hope you get enough to make it make it work. Cheers,

Patti said...

Thank you for the sweet email - I'm so glad you liked your postcard. I've received 2 so far and it's fun to see where they come from.
I would love to join you in another postcard swap - it was fun making them up. You have my email - keep me posted!

Andria said...

I did Hanna's swap, too, and would be interested in doing more things like that. I like the small scale of the art, and it has been so fun to get such different inspiring works of art in the mail over the weeks!

Moira said...

Hello! I'd be open to doing another swap, too! I had such fun with Hanna's swap and while I was doing it, I thought, "Why don't I do things like this more often?" Keep me posted!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

wow how awesome is this it's so great :D

Danielle said...

Thanks everyone for your interest in the swap! I'm super excited & I will post soon on the details - I want to give it a little more time to see if more people sign up.

Abby - I tried 3x to leave you a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me. Those cake pops looked so so delicious!

MissKoolAid said...

Hi Danielle,
I received one of your lovely postcards this week (the red one) and I LOVE the quote you chose for it!
I, too, would be interested in a similar swap if you host one.

Charlotte Nordenfors said...

Hello Danielle!
Thank you for the sweet postcard. I got the one with the lady in the great hat. That quote is so true.


EWian said...

Fun collage, nice to see your cards, thanks for sharing.


Danielle said...

Sophie - great to have you on board for the swap as well!

Charlotte - glad to hear that you received the card! Thanks for letting me know.

Ewian - I checked out your cards on Flickr - love the fish motif you did. Thanks for stopping by!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Greetings from Iowa! Hi Danielle! I received one of your lovely postcards...the one that says "journey" and I love it! Thank you so much! Nice to "meet" you! I'd love to do a swap! Keep me posted!

TJ said...

Danielle, I wanted to let you know that "Real Life" made it to Germany! I love your postcard so much and posted about it today.

Thanks for the terrific mail art, and best wishes for all your happy creations... tj

Anonymous said...

thanks for the beautiful post card!

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