Monday, May 23, 2011


I just finished this book & just started the first episode in the HBO miniseries based on it.

I just discovered this show & found out that the main character is from Columbus, OH .

We just received the news that M will have a second short story published June 1 at this online publication. His first one will be published here in September. Congrat’s babe – I’m so proud of you!!!

We had a belated birthday celebration for M, with my parents this weekend. It may have included an ice cream cake from DQ. Happy 35th M – I’m so lucky to have you as a husband & best friend. And I will always be younger (even if only by a couple months; it still counts).

I am counting down the days until this event. Hoping to learn a ton & meet some fellow crafty peeps.

Also, excited for our overnight trip to do some ghost hunting. You can read about it here or here (with more detail).

I’d love to hear some highlights from your life. What’s been going on or what are you looking forward to? Have a great start to your week!


linda said...

Yay for M being published!

HIMYM's Barney is from OH?

Danielle said...

Linda-no not Doogie Howser but Ted, the father that's narrating the story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle...I got your postcard yesterday...I like it very much, it's fascinating trying to figure out how you made it. We watched the old Mildred Pierce movie with Joan Crawford...then watched the HBO show and then ordered the book and read it. The HBO series followed the book very closely. The older version, not so much.
Thanks again,

Danielle said...

Mary-glad to hear you received your card & that you liked it. Thanks for participating. I did notice how the series is very similar to the book & am relieved. I think Kate Winslet is amazing. I also want to see the original version but have heard it is different & am prepared for that.

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