Monday, June 27, 2011

A fresh start

I am ready for a fresh start & there's no more of a perfect time than with a new month fastly approaching. Especially if that month is when your birthday is -what better time for change, renewal, and new beginnings? Also, coming up this month is my 1 year blogiversary & our 9 year wedding anniversary. July is sure to be fantastic!

Mysteriously, wonderfully, I bid farewell to what goes,
I greet what comes; for what comes cannot be denied,
and what goes cannot be detained.

This has been a challenging year for me & I'm more than ready to leave all the sadness, anger & frustration behind. I haven't shared all the gory details because it's a delicate balance in what is too much info & how some things are just too personal & private to post, while still keeping it real. Personally, I want this space to be one of optimism, creativity & general happiness. That's not to say that I want to gloss over the negative or sometimes just plain awful parts of life, but there's a limited time & place for those things here.

I have big goals, plans & projects coming up that I can't wait to share. I'll slowly be unveiling these in the next few weeks. First off, I want to invite you to check out my newly created Facebook page. If you're reading this in google reader or some other type of web aggregator, you will need to go directly to my blog so that you can click on the "like" me link on the right hand side. Apparently, I have to get 25 likes in order to be an official fan page, so do me a HUGE favor & visit me on FB. Secondly, while you're on my blog check out my new Etsy mini, which displays items from my shop. Lastly, I will be celebrating my 1 year blogiversary with a giveaway - my first - so stay tuned for that.

So here's to a new month & an amazing week. I'd love to hear about your plans for the upcoming month. See you back here on Wednesday for the Handmade Love Series & as always, thanks for stopping by. I am so grateful for your support, encouragement & friendship.


linda said...

Congrats on the first anniversary with your blog!
this month for me is looking hectic. I'm sick and am apt hunting with Alan. Also need to fix my car and possibly go to Canada.

linda said...

Also, I couldn't find your facebook link. I found the text "Visit me on facebook" but no link. Could you give me the link?

Danielle said...

Linda-sorry to hear that you are sick. Feel better! Where in Canada? My mother is from Quebec. Also click on the name a love affair in the facebook box & it will take you to my page or click the like button. Thanks!

Woz said...

YAY! Love the renewal and energy here. :D

Danielle said...

Woz-I couldn't help but think of you when I was finally creating my FB page, as we had discussed this how long ago??? Better late than never is my motto lately ;)

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...congrats on your one year blogging anniversary!!! I'm sorry you have had a frustrating's wishing you all the goodness and best wishes for better times ahead. Sorry, I am not on facebook or I would click the "like" link.

Danielle said...

Mary- thank you so much for the kind words!

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