Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handmade Love Wednesdays & a Blogcation

Happy Wednesday! I hope that you're all having a wonderful week. Today's handmade features are geared towards my huge sweet tooth & love of desserts. Bon appetite!

The first is a chocolate chip buttercream cookie-wich by Tookies. They specialize in delectable, gourmet, handmade cookie-wiches, jar cakes, roundies & other yummies.
Photo credit: Tookies
Don't these look so delicious? You can visit their shop here. WARNING: everything is drool-worthy.

The next is Whimsy & Spice, founded by husband & wife team, Mark & Jenna. I've personally had their chocolate butterscotch bars & brown sugar gingerspice cookies. Both were so so so incredible. Mark uses his love of savory spices in his concoctions & they really compliment the sweet ingredients. Visit their site here.

Chocolate Butterscotch Bars
Photo credits: Whimsy & Spice

Brown Sugar Gingerspice Cookies
 We have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us. We're taking Dad out for an early Father's Day breakfast on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we're going to see this.  I'm also pretty positive that brunch will be involved too. Last weekend, we had brunch both days & saw these 2 movies. I think that he could be the next James Bond.

As you may have noticed, my posting has decreased these past couple of weeks. My blogging enthusiasm has definitely taken a hit & I need some time to re-charge & get my priorities in order. I have some exciting things on the horizon & will share soon. So, with all that said, I have decided to take a blogcation for a week or so. When I return, refreshed & re-energized, I plan on sharing my goals, intentions & creative projects with all of you.

Wishing you a great weekend & I'll see you soon.


PetiteLittleGirl said...

Guess what? I am baking right now :) Those cookies are making me hungry. I hope you'll have a great weekend, Danielle. Happy Father's Day to your Dad. Did you get a chance to take your stuff to the tailor?

linda said...

I'm going to miss you but am excited what you come up with.

Those sweets look delectable! I want the chocolate chip cookies. I'd probably scrape off the filling though. Unless it's light and airy!

Danielle said...

Sydney- hope whatever you bakes turns out good. I haven't had a chance yet to get to the tailors-one of many things on my to-do list. Have a great weekend too!

Linda-not a buttercream fan? I think that may be the best part of those cookies. I'll still be checking in on my fav blogs (which means yours) so I won't be completely MIA.

M said...

I read your blog, then I looked at the boxes on the counter, filled with diet nonsense. Then, of course, I had to again look at those pictures on your blog. This torture only proves to me that there is indeed evil in the world. It comes in the form of butter cream and chocolate. The butter cream cookies better be in our future!

I think I have the shakes.


Woz said...

Breaks are good! We'll be here when you get back. :)

Danielle said...

M-those cookies are definitely in our future...

Woz - Thanks! Loving those FB pics of the little man.

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