Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Weekend Part I - In Food

Hello All,

First things first - I contacted the winner of my first blogiversary giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope to be offering more of these in the future.

Now on to my weekend in food. It started with homemade donuts for dessert on Friday night. I may have actually had some before dinner, but they were right-out-of-the-oven warm, so I really felt it was my duty to eat them at their freshest. It would have been an insult to the baker (Thanks M - they were delicious).

Then this morning, there was brunch at my parents (a belated birthday celebration for me, since my parents were out of town on my actual birthday). We had a spinach, mushroom & cheese quiche with a potato crust, blueberry crepes, zucchini bread & mimosas. Thanks Mom - you're a fantastic cook!

Lastly, for dessert tonight, there were red velvet cupcakes from Blue Frost Cupcake. They had the cutest display set up in their window - very summery.

Unfortunately, you can't see the cupcakes below the hamburgers
but they have large marshmallows on them & look like coals with
the chocolate frosting

Cute corn on the cob cupcakes
I'll be back tomorrow with another post showing you all the vintage & antique goodness I found today. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


linda said...

The doughnuts look so soft and fluffy. I want. Also those corn cupcakes are cute!

Danielle said...

Linda - M bought us a donut pan & it is hands down the best baking pan we have :)

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