Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative Project: December Daily Album

I have been wanting to do a December Daily album ever since I discovered Ali Edwards a couple years ago & finally decided to take the plunge this year. Basically, it’s an album documenting your stories for the month. Not just Holiday stories either, but whatever you want to capture. Some people go for 25 days & others go until the New Year.

I had started collecting various ephemera about a month & ½ ago, when I made the decision to do this & couldn’t decide on the format & size I wanted to use – binder, album cover with book rings, blank journal, etc. But that decision was made for me as I just won Elise Blaha’s Holiday mini book & received it the day before Thanksgiving. That took a lot of the stress away of having to cut my own paper & make a cover.
Sorry about the blurriness.

As you can see from the pic above, the book has a stamped embossed cover & includes 25 red, green & metallic 4x6 papers. I left the cover as is, because I like the simplicity but who knows, I could decide to alter it down the road. I will be adding my own papers & various other ephemera, so I am super relieved it has book rings. I am also taking Shimmelle’s Journal Your Christmas online class, which has daily prompts for writing ideas, photo tips & journal page examples. That way I’m guaranteed to never run out of ideas.

Here are some examples of the papers included.
Since I didn’t have to make a cover, I made an intro page (supplies used: Lost & Found Christmas 6x6 designer paper pad, my own buttons to make a Christmas tree, some ribbon, an Ali Edwards stamp & a Lost & Found Christmas brad).

Here are Days 1, 2 & 3 (sorry for the bad lighting & blurriness):

Used my new cannon 4x6 selphy printer  for these pages
Day 1: A Christmas Manifesto is from
Journal Your Christmas
Day 2: This is a pic of my Pure Barre location
& I wrote with a white sharpie paint pen that
exercising "keeps me calm & grounded." 
Day 3: Pic of M & I with our 3D glasses for
Hugo. The silver sticker is from the Limited & says
make a wish & take it home. Used my new Polaroid
Pogo Instant Mobile Printer to print out the camera phone
pic of us. 
Really enjoying this process so far. Thanks for stopping by!

Products used for all three pages: 25 Days of Christmas Countdown Cardstock StickersLost & Found Christmas Adhesive Chipboard, a Lost & Found Christmas bradTim Holtz Idea-Ology Filmstrip, & not sure where the be positive strip is from.


Anonymous said...

love it. i'm always on the look out for ephemera <--i had to google what that meant :D and my fav places to go are the dollar store (i was surprised at the great selection they had for only $1!!) and this amazing sticker/stationary warehouse in my area. other stores typically charge up to $6 for cardstock/embellishments etc, i can get for $1/2 or a pack for $2.50. best.

Linda said...

I LOVE this. I follow Elisha too and it's neat to see your take on her minibook.

Eeny said...

I always wanted to document one month by daily scrapbook pages but everytime I started it lasted for 2 days or so. I keep thinking that my days are kind of boring these days and nothing exciting worth documenting is happening. But just thinking about it right now, makes me want to appriciate the little things of the daily life more. I should really start working on that part. Maybe a daily scrapbook page would be a great reminder after all.

Thanks for the little reminder.
And Elise's mini books are amazing. She always finds the prettiest papers.

abby said...

oh i want to do this! It's a wonderful idea. I love it. I'm slowly starting to collect scrapbooking stuff and it'd be great to use for this.

Danielle said...

Kathy - I want to see this warehouse! It sounds fantastic.

Linda - Thanks! Yes, I'm a big fan of Elise.

Eeny -I completely understand. I think that was what kept me from doing it before - thinking that I had nothing worthwhile or that everything was just "normal" little things, when in actually, those are the most important to document.

Abby - It is a lot of fun. You should do it. I think you might be interested in another project I have coming up in the New Year...stay tuned.

Woz said...

What a fun idea. I adore the picture of you and M from the movie. (I so want to see that movie!)

Danielle said...

Woz - Thanks! The movie was so incredible. Definitely a homage/love letter to film. See it in 3D.

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