Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello December

The average woman today, I believe, 
would do well to appraise her interests,
evaluate the activities in which she is 
engaged, and then take steps to 
simplify her life, putting things of 
first importance first, placing emphasis 
where the rewards will be greatest
and most enduring, and ridding herself
of the less rewarding activities.
~ Belle S. Spafford (via Becky Higgins)

Hello December. How quickly you arrived. So this last month of the year has me thinking about the upcoming New Year (not that I’m not focused on the present moment too) & how a lot of my goals & intentions have changed 180 degrees from this point about a year ago. Normally, I am all about making resolutions/goals & I’d already have them listed by now, but I’m thinking that I might change things up this year. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a manifesto of sorts & perhaps doing monthly goals, which would tie in to the intentions I set forth in the manifesto.  I also have yet to choose my one word for the year too & order my new egg.

My focus for the last month of this year is to CREATE & SIMPLIFY. I have my December Daily Album & Journal Your Christmas class (combining the two), 2 other online classes – Reclaiming My Time & RoadMap (the first is more creative-based & the latter is more practical but both are about time management and productivity). And of course, my altered journal round robin started, along with the usual suspects like 52 Weeks of Mail, blogging & perhaps most importantly, enjoying the Holiday Season. As for simplifying - this means getting rid of unnecessary stuff - both mentally & physically.
I will be sharing the progress of my December Daily album weekly & the first post will be this Wednesday. Tell me my friends, what are your goals for this last month of the year?


donna!ee said...

AMEN, sing it sister...go tell it on the mountain! blest be :)

linda said...

My goals for last month, make one more Viet dish that I've never made. Work on sketchbook project! finish christmas gifting!

Danielle said...

DonnaLee - Thanks for stopping by!

Linda - Those are good goals & very do-able, right?

abby said...

I should do something like this. I should make a list because the mess I have at home at the moment is insane.

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