Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Favs Friday - Holiday Gift Edition

Hello friends. I still can't get over how fast time is going by. About a week left before Christmas!!! I thought that I would do another Holiday Edition, this time focusing on gift ideas (if anyone is stumped I love them all *cough, cough*) for those last minute shoppers. Or treat yourself. You deserve it ;)

  1. For the tea drinker
  2. For the beauty maven
  3. For the stationary lover
  4. For the doodler 
  5. For the workaholic
  6. For the eco-fashion conscious 
Thanks as always for stopping by & have a fabulous weekend!


    linda said...

    Love the doodle necklace and the animal staplers!

    abby said...

    great list of gifts! :D haha but i think i'd rather treat myself ;)

    Danielle said...

    Linda-Yes, too bad those stapler removers are so expensive though.
    Abby-I agree! Thanks again so much for my scarf - it's beautiful!

    Joyfulploys said...

    Hi Danielle...I like the graphics on the tea packaging. Not sure about the doodler necklace even though I do like a good doodle. I hope you have a good weekend...and if I don't get back by before Christmas, I hope you and yours have a great holiday time together.

    Danielle said...

    Mary-I hope the same for you & your family as well. Maybe the doodle necklace will grown on you :)

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