Wednesday, December 14, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail-Dec Cards

Normally, I would only give you a sneak peek of my cards until I was sure that they had been received, but I'm going to share them in their entirety because they are going to people I know who don't read my blog :)

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Taking pics at night, in my office, with florescent overhead lights, makes for a yellow cast. I need to stop being lazy & use my light box that M made for me. Currently, it's to large to fit in my office, so I have it stored upstairs in our joint office & I am to much in a rush to lug everything upstairs (insert sheepish grin).

This was for my godmother & was
sent out a couple weeks ago.
The rest are all Christmas cards

Thanks for stopping by!


Linda said...

that's my favorite one. May borrow this idea for the christmas card to stick in my sister's package tonight

Anonymous said...

i LOVE hand-made cards. these are all so pretty!!

Danielle said...

Linda- Borrow away. Its Washi tape strips but you could easily substitute paper strips, ribbon or whatever.

Kathy - Thanks. I loved the card you made me & have it hanging on my office wall.

Heather G. said...

They are beeeeeeaUUtiful!

abby said...

Oh you're so good at making cards and scrap booking. I've been trying and I only got far as the first page. I've still got some research to do :( I love all your cards they're great!

Btw, have you received my package yet?

Danielle said...

Heather - Thanks & good to hear from you!
Abby-Thanks for the kind words! I haven't gotten the package yet. Hopefully tomorrow?

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