Monday, January 9, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 1

Week 1 completed. I couldn't wait to get started on this but it definitely is a time commitment. I ended up printing out all the pictures on Sunday before I started adding ephemera & figuring out the page layouts. I thought maybe I would print pics out daily but then I'm not sure that will work depending on the amount of pics I have at the end of the week. So there will definitely be a learning curve & constant change.
The full spread

Today begins my 2 weeks of being on my own. M got a big promotion - congrat's babe, I'm so proud of you! - and will now be traveling quite a bit. I'm really excited for him but also because he is over the states of VT (where I grew up) & N.H. in addition to Ohio & West Virginia. It looks like I will be going with him in February & I can't wait since it's been about 8-9 years since I've been back.

Hope you had a great weekend & thanks as always for stopping by.

You've seen the pic of the egg before - my OLW &
my New Year's manifesto
The middle row
Black-eyed peas on New Year's & a little bit of
journaling about the day.
The last row 
Close-up of M & I
Right side
The top left is of the first real snow & on the top
right is a beautiful sunset. I've asked M to take pics
& collect ephemera as well. He took the sunset, soup
& beer pics. What a great husband!
A new soup recipe, my fav Trader Joe's spinach
salad, one of M's holiday beers, & my new booties.
Back to work & some pics of myself.
The bracelet was a X-mas present to
myself & the other pic is of my hair up &
wearing earrings, which I never do. Trying
to make sure I include pics of myself, even though
I don't want to :)


Linda said...

I love the rounded corners. I can't wait to see the rest of your weeks documented!

Woz said...

I love this whole project and *wish* I was doing something just like it!

The booties are too cute and I love that you love Trader Joe's. We'd be shopping buddies for sure. Because of one of your earlier posts I tried their Cookie Butter (and that makes you like a superhero and I'm indebted to you forever).

Heather G. said...

great post, D! Everything looks delightfully creative AND beautiful!

abby said...

These are awesome did you use business cards to print them out? I also don't know where to find the plastic covers like you have. I tried walmart and target but they don't have any. where'd you get yours?

this is a great project and I definitely want to try this out :)

Danielle said...

@Linda - Yes, the rounded corners add a nice & easy touch to the pics.
@You're my super hero & I am always glad to share the cookie butter wealth.
@Heather - Thanks for the kind words! This will be quite the test of endurance/commitment.
@Abby - No not business cards. Below the post, there is a round-up of products used & direct links to where I got them. The cards are from the Project Life Core Kit as well as the plastic pocket pages. Those are both from Amazon. Let me know if you have further questions!

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the close up. - M

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