Friday, January 6, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life

My next creative project is a year-long commitment of documenting the every day moments & it's called Project Life. I actually bought the kit in July of '10 (no longer sold as a complete kit), intending to start in Jan '11, but never followed through. So riding off the high of finishing my December Daily coupled with finally having got my creative mojo back, I'm completely committed to this & super excited.

At the end of December, I created my title page in order to be ready to dive right in when the first week of Jan was over.  Since this is a weekly project, I will be posting updates every Monday. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this & maybe I will inspire some of you to join in. 

The full title page 
In the top left slot -I printed out the the hours,
 minutes & seconds from this Russell &
Hazel notepad set.
In the top right slot I printed out this quote:
"Every day life is the prayer. How we conduct
it, cherish it, celebrate it, consecrate it."
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
The picture of M & I is from my Dec Daily album
& is dark but that's the most recent pic I had of us.
You can find more info about Project Life here & see all the products I used below. This weekend M leaves on Sunday for a 2 week business trip. So our weekend will consist of spending major quality time together. Have a great one, whatever your plans are & I'll see you back here on Monday.


Linda said...

Love seeing this on elisha's blog and yours. I like seeing the differences in perspective!

Joyfulploys said...

I commend you for doing a year long project...I will stay tuned for further developments. It looks very interesting and creative. Note: I am proud of myself, I got the RR journal sent to Sophie on Wednesday.

Danielle said...

@Linda - Do you mean Elise? Yes, I love looking at other people's creations. They may be kits but they end up being so personalized & different, depending on the person.
@Mary - Yay for getting your RR done & mailed! I was a little weary of doing a year long project at first & that was one of the things that held me back way back when I first bought it But, I'm ready to commit & I'm also looking at it as a no pressure thing too. I can only do what I can do. There's the no room for guilt here.

Edgar Cabrera said...

This sounds like a super fun project!!!!

suzanne cabrera said...


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