Monday, February 13, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 5

I'm finally caught up with Project Life! Whew...I can definitely see how getting behind could be extremely frustrating & difficult. I was only a week behind & I thought I would never catch up ;). What ended up happening is that I devoted both days this past weekend entirely to this & I am going to have 2 separate posts on it this week (so hopefully you don't get bored with my posts). I've really appreciated your kind words & encouragement with this.

So here's week 5:
The entire spread 
The left side
The top left is my Trader Joe's tribute
The middle row: the left has highlights from the
week, the 2nd is of a gift from a friend, then my
favorite B&J ice cream flavor (red velvet) & the
last slot holds the temp on Jan 31 & Feb 1.
The bottom row: on the left are pics of my Martha
Stewart/Avery labels & some collage ephemera
I got from my fave scrap-booking store, along with
my mini Moo card from my now defunct
Etsy shop.
The right side
The top left is our hotel room we stayed in 2
Thursdays ago & the right is of the trees still lit
up right by the hotel.
The middle row: a pic of Vonnegut, a pic of the sky
framed between my parking garage & another
building, a self-portrait at the hotel & lastly,
an online class I received a scholarship for.
The last 2 pics are of brunch on Friday & then
of me going through the car wash. 


Linda said...

I love taking pictures from inside the car during washes! My favorite is when the squiggle the soap.

Danielle said...

@Linda-Yeah, for some reason, I never thought about doing that before...I thought I was being inventive. Ha.

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