Monday, February 20, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 7

So this post is a little late. Still on weekend mode because of the Holiday today. This week's layout was extra fun because the entire right side are all pics from M (he normally contributes but not for an entire spread). Enjoy & thanks for stopping by.

The entire layout
The left side
The top row: Can't believe it's already
almost the end of Feb. Starting Pure Barre back
up & was so sore on Tues. 
Middle row: a week in review card, 5 things
I love about M, a pic of my haircut (2 inches
cut & bangs) & a movie ticket & email
alerting me that I won a $25 gift certificate to
one of my fav online crafting stores
Bottom row: Found out I am allergic/sensitive
to gluten & sugar, so I slowly started to wean
myself off of those things. On the right side is
a surprise package from a dear friend of David's
Tea. So thoughtful.
The right side
Since finding out about my food allergies, M
really stepped up & made me all sorts of awesome,
incredible tasting food. 
Middle row: M's work lap top, his 5 things about
me, a pic of my parent's dog & beer day (with
some journaling behind it by M)
Last row: more food & a county building that M
went to for work. 


kathy said...

i love that you are so crafty and yay! my card/pressie made it into your wonderful scrapbook :)

how's the detox / food elimination thing going? are you seeing any benefits yet?

Danielle said...

@Kathy-of course your card/tea made it in! I can't get over how great/thoughtful it was. I am officially starting the detox/elimination tomorrow. I had a couple treats over the weekend as a goodbye. I'll keep you updated.

Linda said...

The photos of the M cuisine are gorgeous and colorful! Makes me hungry!

Danielle said...

@Linda - I know! His pics turned out fabulous. And the food was just as good.

Leena said...

There are so much yummy food on your spread this week! Wonderful photos and materials used on these pages!

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