Friday, February 17, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 6

Today instead of the usual Five Favs Fri post, I'm going to share my Project Life Week 6, so that I can be caught up. My normal once a week posting on this will continue next week. Thanks as always for stopping by & have a great weekend! It's a 3-day for me since Monday is a holiday. We'll be celebrating A-Day with my parents on Sunday & then I'll be taking M to the airport on Monday for another business trip. At least this time it's only for 5 days.

Now that the newness of this project has worn off, I have even more appreciation & enthusiasm for it. I love that it can be whatever you want it to be. I've seen other's who treat each insert as mini collages & others that barely add any ephemera. I'm somewhere in-between those two & some weeks I have more time & creative spark than others. I have found that I'm getting more into the habit of taking photos of the every day (I want to use the word mundane but that has a negative connotation & that's not how I want to come across) & real life. And it wouldn't be as easy as it has without M's many contributions.

And now on to week 6:
The full spread
The left side
The top right is a collage of the pups.
The middle row: the left card is highlights from
the week, the next is of the tea kettle, which is
part of my morning routine, then the full moon,
& lastly, a deer in my parent's backyard.
The bottom row: on the left is my Feb
Studio Calico kit, along with the card &
label that came with it. On the right, is a sneak
peek of my 52 Weeks of Mail cards. 
The right side 
The top row: the left is a thank you card from
friends for their son's birthday. The right is
from my visit to an acupuncturist along with
his business card.
Middle row: Pure Almond chocolate is incredible!
Then some supplements/vitamins, followed by
groceries & some new sticky pads & lastly, our
vacuum outside of the sweeper shop where we had
it overhauled/refurbished. Still crazy expensive but
at least we didn't have to buy a new one. The tab
behind it sticking out has the receipt attached.
And finally, the last row. The left is a collage
of my office pics that I shared last week on the blog &
on the right are some pics M took in the early morning,
while hanging out with the pups on the couch. The
only thing missing is that after I took these photos, I
added in my handwriting that someone anonymously
cleared our driveway of snow with their ATV. So generous
& what a nice surprise, as we live on a long & steep
driveway, which has taken 4 hours to shovel with both
of us working side by side.


Linda said...

You are doing such a great job keeping up with this.

Love your puppies!

Danielle said...

@Linda - I guess the true test will be in another 7 weeks! Yep, those pups are my babies.

Leena said...

Your spread looks awesome! Love the bits and pieces you added to your pages. Love the pups photos too! :)

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