Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Right Now

Around here lately:

A package all the way from
Which contained
a beautiful necklace & earring set
that I won from Leena.
Received a new journal to
work on for the altered journal round robin 
An amazing heartfelt & genuine
letter from a new friend.
A creme brulee cupcake
My New Year's Manifesto
redesigned & made into
an awesome print by Caiti
More cards received from
Linda & Urbanic Paper

That's all for now. I'm still battling this stomach bug. I think it may be time to see the doctor :( I'm just hoping that I'm feeling better by Friday because I have the day off for an important brunch date with M. 


kat said...

LOVE the print of your manifesto!!!!!

Linda said...

I LOVE your manifesto being printed. That's such a sweet gift for a sweet lady.

Caiti said...

Thanks for showing off the manifesto print, and I'm happy you like it! It looks like the link to my blog is broken though.

PS- Feel better soon!!

Danielle said...

@Kat - Don't you mean "our" manifesto? Lol.
@Linda - Awww...thanks my friend.
@Caiti - So sorry! I fixed it. I thought that I had checked it too before I posted.

Robin Norgren said...

so so lovely!

Amanda Kasper said...

<3 that I made the list. This made my day xo

Danielle said...

@Robin - Thanks my friend!
@Amanda - Your letter made my day & same with the one I received yesterday :)

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