Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creative Project: Altered Journal Round Robin

Hello friends. I know it's been a while since my last post. Hopefully, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of food, family & relaxation. And just in case you were wondering, the Jay-Z & Kanye concert was so incredible, even with the 2 hour late start time. ;)

Today I wanted to share details about one of my creative projects. 

I have always wanted to participate in an altered journal round robin, but I just added it to my list of creative goals & never took action. Then, I met 3 really talented women & I just knew that I had to make this goal of mine become a reality. So I asked the 3 women if they would like to join me in a round robin & together we came up with a manageable schedule that takes us into mid next year & has us working in each other’s journals 2 times each.
I wanted to tell you a little about each participant & why I am honored & beyond excited to be doing this.
I met Mary through a post card swap, where she was one of my recipients. Then, she joined the post card swap I organized & this time, I received one of her cards. We have kept in touch ever since through each other’s blogs. I am in awe of her work & as I have told her on numerous occasions, each time I see something new she’s created, I get crazy excited that I’m going to have her original work in one of my journals. Here are some examples of her altered journal pages (the first 2 pictures are the property of Mary & are used with permission). You can visit her here

This is the post card I received from Mary - amazing right?
I also met Sophie through the same post card swap as Mary & she was another one of my recipients. And she also joined the swap I hosted. Sophie has a variety of interests & besides loving her altered journal pages, she makes the cutest Kool Kreatures, Zentangle coasters & writes all her posts in both English & French. Here are some of my favorites (all pictures are the property of Sophie & are used with permission). You can visit her on her blog, twitter & Art Fire Shop


Lastly, Robin & I met in an online class & instantly connected. She is so much fun & was very supportive when I had my Etsy shop. Not only is she extremely creative she reads voraciously & I really enjoy her book reviews on creative/handmade/business books. Robin blogs, is on twitter, facebook & has an Etsy shop (all pictures are the property of Robin & are used with permission).

All 3 - source
And lastly, I wanted to share my journal spreads with you. We all agreed to use a 5x8 journal & to do 2 full page spreads in each journal, twice around, beginning with our own. I have to admit that I left both spreads unfinished. At first, I kept ripping things out & layering new stuff on top of old stuff in order to “get it right” but I never ended up being satisfied. So I decided that I would just leave it as is & then when I got the journal back next summer I would finish it. Or who knows, maybe I won’t want to by then.

Thanks for stopping by & see you tomorrow for my next Creative Cool Chick interview


Anonymous said...

you guys are way talented. the extent of my art is stick figures when i try to draw what kayla wants :(

Danielle said...

Kathy- thanks. Compared to these women though, I feel like small potatos. Lol.

Linda said...

These give me inspiration for my sketchbook project. OMG I HAVEN'T STARTED IT YET!!!

Danielle said...

Linda- you better get a move on! Lol.

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