Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative Project: One Little Word

Even though, it's almost May, I have to admit that my One Little Word for 2012 hasn't been much of a priority this year. You may remember that I'm taking Ali Edwards One Little Word 2012 class. This consists of a monthly prompt/creative assignment & at the end we will have created an entire album devoted to our word. Over this past weekend, I completed the March & April assignments & that helped reinvigorate my focus & attention. I wanted to share what I created for February & March. I will share April's at a later date.   

February's prompt was to capture your word through your camera, both literally & figuratively.

Included in my collage: my manifesto,
a pic of me after my biopsy, my sneakers
& my One Little Word egg
For March, we were asked to take action with one small step & commit to it for the month. Since I did this after the month was over, I used my elimination/diet detox as my step, since I both committed to it & accomplished it. We were asked to write about the experience. 

Lastly, I wanted to show you what my father surprised me with tonight when I got home from work. I had found a vintage card catalogue about 6 or more months ago, but it needed some sort of foundation, as it was too short to use. So I asked my wonderful Dad to help a girl out.  And this is the base he built! 
Looks fantastic, don't you think?! Thanks again Dad - you're the best. 
Thanks for stopping by. Here's to a great week. 


Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...your collage is really great!Do what you can do and I'm sure you will learn from every little bit.
I love your vintage card catalogue chestand your dad did a fabulous job on the base for it!
All I have ever used is Wordpress and I like it just fine. I am using the free one and so far, it has had all the space I need for picutres, etc. If I get close to using up all my space, I can always get the paid one for a low price. They have various plans for however ever you plan to use your blog...oh wait, you must have already signed up if you had to use your wordpress password.

kat said...

omg that's amazing what your dad built!! love it.

Linda said...

Our dads are the best :)
The base looks beautiful!

I love that photo of you in the collage.

Danielle said...

@Mary-I can't believe how we're almost done with AJRR. It's been so much fun & I can't wait to get my completed journal. Thanks for letting me know about WP.
@Kat-Yep, my Dad is awesome!
@Linda-Yes, aren't we fortunate? I hope you had a good trip.

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