Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Project: Altered Journal Round Robin

I can't believe that the altered art journal round robin is coming to a close. We began last November & are now on round 5 & the last round ends in July. I am so excited to get my completed journal & to have all the other participant's creative work.

Here are my spreads from rounds 3 & 4:

I experimented with an ink spray - so much fun - on
gesso & acrylic paint. 
I added a note under the tag with a secret, following
in Sophie's lead from her own first spread.
This layout was done using paper bits & other
ephemera over acrylic paint.

And round 4:
I used all sorts of paper, washi tape & stickers. 
Love this wooden frame.
More of the same here. No paints or gesso. I've been
really into collaging with "paper" lately. 
And under the broad term of
 "paper" I also include these items:
washi tape, stickers & other various
flair/ephemera. (whenever I write or read
the word flair I can't help but think of
Office Space, anyone else?)

So tell me what projects (creative or other-wise) have you been working on lately?


Linda said...


Sketchbook Project 2013 is open to order now!

Just saying.

Danielle said...

@Linda - I think I have enough to keep me busy at the moment. Maybe next year - check back with me then :)

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...I can't wait to get my journal back and see all the wonderful pages. It's been such a great experience!

Danielle said...

@Mary-I'm so glad you've enjoyed it. Me too!

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