Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Creative Project: Project Life Week 19

When I decided that I was going to embark on this project, my initial reluctance centered around the fact that we are homebodies & that life around here could be boring. I mean, what would I possibly have to document day in & day out for a year? But seeing that we are now in week 23 of the year & 1) I still love it & 2) I haven't had much problem with filling in the photo pocket pages, I'm really glad that I didn't let that one "challenge" deter me. The point of Project Life isn't to document only the exciting or big events, but the every day little & ordinary moments that make up life. 

I've been using my cell phone (Droid X 2) for all my pics. Out of convenience. I think that it's time to pull out the point & shoot, as these pics are not very clear. I will begin with week 21 since I've already taken pics of the preceding spreads & I'm too busy lazy to retake them.  My apologies for the sub-par pics of late. 

Week 19:
Entire spread
Left side
Top row: date card & our yard 
Middle row: a sweet email from a friend, playing
Donkey Kong Country, M's John Cusack imitation,
& some goodies from Danielle LaPorte.
Bottom row: DavidsTea & my monthly
Studio Calico kit
Right side
Farthest row over: M & my Dad
getting straw for the pup's yard &
progress of my parent's new fence
Closer row in: M & my dad having
lunch & beers, pic of our kitchen
during dinner, & seeing
The Hunger Games
*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins & is a simple, fun & unique way to document  


Anonymous said...

i admire your dedication to keeping up with this project. i started a project to put all of kayla's pictures in an album and i only got to album 3 and now it's in my closet .... beside the half-made crocheted blanket i started for her last year! LOL

Danielle said...

@Kat-And I admire your dedication to being healthy. Maybe we could share a little of our strengths with each other.

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