Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello June

June already? I know that every time a new month comes upon us I lament the fact that time is passing by too quickly. But it really is. And I can't help but find myself continually surprised by the passage of time. As in, my 36th birthday is less than a month away. Eep!

From our hike at the Blackhand Gorge on Sat
So this month is all about forward momentum. My goals for June:
  • Continue my 15 min yoga practice on the weekday mornings (weekends off) - changed to a more manageable goal of 3x/week versus 5 (I did accomplish 3 weeks straight of 5 days a week until life happened - see next bullet point).
  • Continue my Couch to 5k program 3x/week - had a set back last month with being sick & then pulling my neck & shoulder. Only made it to week 4 but going to re-start with week 3 since I've been on a 3 week break.
  • Wear sunscreen - it's my new religion.
  • Create & continue with all my creative projects & classes
  • Rock Marie Forleo's B-School

Thanks everyone for your tweets, emails & comments regarding my "surgical procedure" this past Fri. You know how to make a girl feel loved! Removal of the abnormal cells went fine (keeping fingers crossed, will have to wait for more lab results to be 100% sure) & ended up getting another biopsy on a suspicious mole on my arm. This is just a way of life for me now, as I am a very moley person (see bullet point 3).

What goals/dreams you are currently working on or plan on starting on this month. 


Anonymous said...

great june goals. i also took a break from working out (4-day break) but i'm back at it.

i wear sunscreen on my face and neck but often forget about my arms. i hope the biopsy comes back clean! xoxoxox

Amanda Kasper said...

June goals: start summer school (depending on if/when i need surgery), keep fighting until survival doesn't feel like a fight anymore, spend less energy on friends who have given up, and more on friends who haven't.

Love you D.

Danielle said...

@Kat-Send some of that motivation/determination my way, will ya? Also, congrat's on being done with work! Enjoy your time off!
@Amanda-Those are fantastic goals! Especially that last one, as we've talked about.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Danielle...your journal pages look that my journal? :) Yes, it's June already...the year is about half way over. I have enjoyed the journal round's been fun and a learning experience.

Joyfulploys said...

I looked's Robin's book...I see that now...

Joyfulploys said...

Me again...I wanted to comment on your skin procedures, I have had several on my arms and two on my face. Just make sure you go to your dermatologist often.
PS-I think I'm done :)

Danielle said...

@Mary - Thanks for all your comments. Lol. I can't believe the AJRR is almost over. I'm really going to miss it. And I'm on a 4 month schedule with the dermatologist.

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