Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Favs Friday

This week's Five Favs is all about inspiring blog posts I've come across this week & just had to share. Happy reading & Happy Friday!

  • This newsletter from Ali Edwards because it was exactly what I needed to read for some perspective & motivation
  • This blog post by my friend Caiti because she nailed it & really made me pause & reflect
  • And this blog post by my friend Woz because it's the best title ever (and by that I mean it startled the shit out of me) & it's something we all need to do
  • This free printable because it's perfect
  • This blog post from Jen Louden because sometimes we just have to remember to celebrate our accomplishments
What inspiring articles, blog posts, etc have you come across?


Woz said...

great stuff this week, d! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these posts :)

Danielle said...

@Woz-Thanks! I think you probably got the JL email as well?
@Kat-Hope you found something that resonated with you!

Linda said...

Enjoyed all these links!

Danielle said...

@Linda -Good! I always wonder if people find value in the same things as I do or if they hit a nerve too.

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