Monday, July 30, 2012

Project Life - Week 26

Week 26 was a visit from M's Uncle, my birthday weekend & a huge storm.

Entire spread with 2 inserts

Left Side - M's Uncle taking a pic of a rubber duckie - the
journaling on the top of the pic explains the duckie & the
basket building 
Right side
Top row: date card & more pics of M's Uncle 
Middle row: Our other cat dragged the bathroom trash can
to the door - she's a sly one, Mr. B, crazy hot temps &
Moonrise Kingdom
Bottom row: Dinner & the tree that fell in front of our garage
Insert of what we read & listened to in June 
2nd insert - my b-day card from M, given
to me a couple days early
The back of the insert - some early b-day presents
*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins & is a simple, fun & unique way to document your life
Thanks for stopping by. How has your summer been so far?


abby said...

i love how you can just take time to document everything. it'll definitely be awesome to look back on some great memories later on :D

Danielle said...

@Abby-Thanks & yes, it will be quite remarkable to look back on in the future. I love to look through it now too :)

Linda said...

I MUST GO TO THAT BASKET! Where is this glorious basket?

Danielle said...

@Linda-It's about 10 mins from our house & is the Longaberger Company's office building. We can visit when you come to OH! :)

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