Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project Life - Week 23

I'm a little behind on this. So now, it's mostly pictures with very few embellishments & half page spreads (if I can get away with it depending on the amount of pics I have). Still loving it though. Here's to a great weekend!

Week 23:
The entire spread
Top row: date card & mom painting their new fence

Middle row: Studio Calico kit, pups got a bath, & a tree in
my parent's yard
Bottom row: Mr. B got shaved for the summer & the
video store & donut shop
Thanks as always for stopping by!


Linda said...

What a pretty header for this week!

Anonymous said...

whenenver i think of shaved kitties, i think of dr. evil's cat :D

Eeny said...

pretty as always.

and i could sure use a donut shop in my life right now. there are just no decent donuts available over here. well there is dunkin donuts in berlin. but it is 7 hours away from me.

Woz said...

o.m.squeeee! mr. b is ridiculously adorable! :D

Danielle said...

@Linda - Thx. I think it's my fav so far (at least that I can remember).
@Kat - Lol. That cat always creeped me out.
@Eeny - It's this hole-in-the wall dive place that we've passed for 10 years & never stopped at. 7 hours :(
@Woz - He loves being shaved - he struts around thinking he's super sexy.

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