Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello July

You must have chaos in your heart 
to give birth to stars.
              - Nietzsche
July is a busy month for me. My birthday (come & gone), my 2 year blogiversary (yesterday - July 7th) & our 10 year anniversary.

All this to look forward to & I've been stuck in a "funk." My exercise & creative goals for June were a big FAIL. So this month is all about re-establishing a consistent routine of exercise, healthy eating & creating.

Tell me friends, what do you do to get out of ruts/funks? How do you motivate yourself to get back on track with your goals?


Caiti said...

There's a whole section in "The Creative Habit" book about getting out of ruts... I think you mentioned you had that book on your shelf. It's definitely a great and inspiring read!

Linda said...

My belated birthday my dear friend!

When I'm in a rut with my goals, I break it down to baby steps and make sure I do at least ONE thing every day. For instance, in my "endeavor/career" goal, I was stuck so one day all I did was update my LinkedIn. The next day, I'd send out a couple of emails. The day after that, I updated my resume. Etc.

Action breeds more action.

Amanda Kasper said...

Hi beautiful,

I think personal kindness is really important when getting out of a funk. Set goals you want, instead of those you think you should be reaching for. Provide yourself small incentives.

Know that you are loved.

Danielle said...

@Caiti - Thanks! That's the next nonfiction book I'm going to read.
@Linda - Excellent advice - starting can be the hardest part.
@Amanda - Thanks lovely. Yes - kindness & self-compassion are musts. I try to practice them but fall short a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...

i think it's important to set realistic goals for yourself. if you plan for too much, you can get overwhelmed. i keep myself motivated by sticking to one or two goals a day, the first one being exercise and then a house task a day.

happy blogaversary and hope you had a fantastic birthday :)

Danielle said...

@Kat-Very good advice. And very manageable. That's my problem. I try to do too many things all at once & then get upset when I can't accomplish them all.

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