Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life on Hold

This picture has nothing to do with the post but
 it was too damn cute not to share. 

Two acupuncture sessions, one doctor's visit & 4 1/2 weeks later, my back is still pulled & I'm still in pain. So the next step is physical therapy. The good news is that it doesn't appear to be a spinal problem or pinched nerve. However, my doctor is concerned as to why I'm not healing. The bad news is my life has been put on hold, as my mobility has been severely limited/decreased. As in my days consist of going to work & then coming home to lay on the floor & then on the weekends just laying on the floor. Definitely no fun. And don't even get me started on work & how I had to postpone the starting date of my new job by a week & how much it hurts to sit or stand for too long at work.

This past weekend, enough was enough. I managed to venture out for some retail therapy but paid dearly as I walked hobbled around a very crowded place (with no convenient parking) in the freezing cold. But I greatly increased my crafting stash. There is a reason it's called retail therapy.

But back to life on hold. Since I've been reduced to laying immobile on the floor there has been:

  • No Project Life
  • No One Little Word
  • No exercising
  • No altered journal round robin
  • No handmade cards - sorry everyone who would have gotten V-Day cards
  • No blogging - because I have nothing to share (see all the above bullet points)
  • And NO creating of any sort
It's frustrating & kinda pathetic. And I'm increasingly getting stressed by all the creative projects I have to catch up on (first world problems), which is really silly because these are supposed to be things I do for enjoyment & relaxation. My friend Caiti wrote a great post about this & I think that I need to re-evaluate & re-prioritize my creative endeavors. I have this nasty habit of over-committing on projects or getting really excited only to watch my enthusiasm fade away relatively quickly.

Sorry for the complaining. I know that there are way more worse things than a pulled back. But this is my life & this is my reality at the moment & it sucks. Thank goodness for my incredible husband who has been diligently taking care of me & tending to my every need. I'm one lucky lady.

Have a great weekend my friends & thanks for listening to me.


Katrina said...

I've been dealing with back issues for far too I can totally relate. Hope you find some relief soon!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you!
I have recurring back problems so I know what it's like.
Take care of yourself. Your creativity is not going anywhere so take your time.


kathy @ vodka and soda said...

eeep that stinks! when screwed up my back, i went for acupuncture, then she did cupping (same treatment) and then i went for an 80min massage and the next day i was healed... this after 2wks of eating robaxicet like it was candy and the doc telling me to just "wait it out".

i hope you get better soon :(

Linda said...

Thinking of you and hoping for a recovery soon. :( Back problems are the worst.

Amanda Kasper said...

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and sending my love. xoxo

Eeny said...

I hope your back will be healing soon.

I totally get how frustrating it must be to put everything on hold. All these projects and ideas and everything that is just waiting for you to be done.

Feel better.

Joyfulploys said... sorry to hear about your back...its a bummer to have something that will not go away. Sending positive healing thoughts your way! Take care...

anopensketchbook said...

Danielle---my thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry you're in such pain...and hope you find some answers to the problem soon!

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