Thursday, February 7, 2013

Right Now

Around here lately:

I started my new job this week. First item of business -
reading contracts. Not the most glamorous BUT
already a 100% improvement over my previous job
My back is still pulled so this heating
pad & these cushions have
been my life-savers

I joined my good friend Woz on her site as her "sassy
sidekick/creative director" extraordinarie (the last word is
mine not hers). Come check us out here if
you're looking for inspiration & creative endeavors galore.

Fixing up the sidebar to my blog
on recommendation from  Diane's
Monetize Your Blog Class. I added
social media buttons & a categories
 section. Also removed a bunch of stuff.
Still on my to-do list - move to WordPress.

What is your around here looking like?


Linda said...

I definitely should add my social media buttons on the side! I've just be procrastinating it for years now!

Congrats on your new job and new proect with Woz! Hope your back heals soon, friend. :(

Eeny said...

congrats to the new job. glad you already like it better than your last one.

i hope your back will be better soon.

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

congrats on the new career move!

when i pulled my back 2yrs ago, i was living on muscle relaxants + heating pads to no avail. i decided enough was enough and i called my acupuncturist who came over, did a treatment on me + cupping and then told me to make an appt with my massage therapist for 80mins and do back massage only.

i did and the following day - NO MORE PAIN. as in, it was all gone. as in after 3 natural treatments, my pain was all gone and i didn't even feel a twinge of pain anywhere.

food for thought.

anopensketchbook said...

Wow, what a welcome package from your new job!!!! Haha...hope it is continuing to go well. You never know what opportunities might be hidden among these folders.

Hope you are feeling better!

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