Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right Now

Around here lately:

Having visitors. M's Uncle Jake stayed with us last week. He makes an annual motorcycle trip across the country & we've been lucky enough to have him visit 3 times so far.

And this guy. We think he lives right by our garage. He was sunbathing when we pulled up to our house & he was kind enough to stay still so I could take pics. But as soon as I opened my car door to get a little closer, he took off.

 Getting back into my office this week to create. Working on altered journal spreads for the round robin I'm participating in.

 Playing with mists and masks for this altered journal spread.  And making cards in the pic below.

Receiving my first Quarterly Co. box from No More Dirty Looks. This service is pretty cool. You can pick from a wide variety of contributors like Chris Guillebeau to Pharrell Williams and once a quarter the company sends you physical items that the contributor picked out. 

So one of the items in my package was this RGB nail polish, called Too Red. At first, I was a
little hesitant. I do not wear bright colors. I'm a dark polish girl & anything that starts with too and ends with a bright color makes me cringe. But I thought a change was in order, so here it is. I'm still adjusting. You can't tell in this pic but it's a tomato-y red. And did I mention that it's really bright?

What have you been up too these days?


Sarah said...

Your pennant/bunting cards look darling! I like the nail polish... I hate bright colors on my fingernails (hardly ever wear polish, actually) but I kind of love it on my toes. ESPECIALLY with peep-toe pumps -- how cute are you? I should be catching up on Project Life stuff tonight, but I'm reading blogs and watching White Collar instead. =)

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

i used to be strictly a dark polish girl too but i decided that it was time for a change and started wearing red on my hands...then my colors got brighter and brighter and now, painting my nails is so much fun!

i love the red :)

Joyfulploys said...

I love chipmunks...we did have some here, I do hope the neighbor's cat didn't grab them. I have your journal...I have another spread to make over the weekend. I never heard of the Quarterly Co...I'll have to check it out. The red polish looks don't cringe! :) Have a good weekend!

Linda said...

Please teach us how to mist!

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