Saturday, October 16, 2010

To share or not to share

(source: TED)
Derek Sivers says it's better to keep goals secret. He shows evidence that people who talk about their ambitions are less likely to achieve them. This video is only a little over 3 minutes. Watch here & let me know what you think. 

In my personal opinion & experience, I think there is truth to what he says. When I posted my intention to open an Etsy shop, it felt so good. I was taking the first step in going for my goal and announcing it aloud was going to make it a reality. It was my way of being held accountable. Surely, I couldn't say it to my readers and then not move forward. That was a little over 2 months ago. My progress? Zip, zero, zilch. Just announcing it seemed to make it enough of a reality that I never went beyond that.  Sure, I've read a ton of books on the subject & I know what my next steps are. Which seemed to be enough. Because I felt proud & as Stivers' says, like I had nearly achieved my goal.

Then I shared that I hired a coach. And after that. Nothing. I felt like that was enough as well. That because we set a date to start for next weekend, that I could just wait. Sivers' solution isn't necessarily to stop sharing your goals. You'll have to watch the video to see his suggestion. And I wouldn't stop anyway. That would defeat the purpose of this blog & my intent to share all of it - the good, the bad & the ugly. My truth. My reality.

Currently, I'm in a hotel room in Cinci. I'm enjoying room service and getting over my cold.

The Creativity Summit I wrote about on Monday was better than I imagined/expected. I'm so excited to have a place like this close to home. And Michael Chabon was INCREDIBLE. So smart, funny and entertaining. Plus, its always energizing and exciting to be surrounded by like-minded people who feel a passion for creativity too.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend & as always, thanks for reading. I love your comments and for those of you who don't comment (you know who you are because we've had conversations about it), I would like to thank you for your support as well. Just knowing that you care enough to read and make references to my blog in person means the world to me.


indozine said...
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Woz said...

I can see the value in both sharing and not. I think there are times when keeping dreams solely to yourself is what's needed, others when you share with 1 other person (or a handful of people you trust), and then times when you shout it from the rooftops! I think all these stages serve a purpose and are valuable in any process.

So...go with your gut. I think you'll know when it's time to share...or not. :D

SuperTwin said...


suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks for sharing this. A very interesting I've also had my own battles with.

Love your blog and it's name. It's nice to know there are kindred spirits in this world!

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