Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Favs Friday

Hi there. I was so excited with this new series that I had my new list finished at the beginning of this week. I am thinking about doing some specific lists (i.e. my fav cd's/songs of the week, articles, tutorials or handmade products). Speaking of handmade products, the Handmade Wednesday Love weekly series is temporarily on hold, while it gets a much needed face lift. Look for that to begin mid-Oct, while I work on making it even better.

Have a great weekend! As always, please feel free to share any fun or interesting links you've come across or let me know your weekend plans. Thanks for stopping by.

1. The Candy Room - so much fun & so creative. Anyone want to go?
2. This book. Wow. I devoured this in 2.5 days.
3. These DYI bookshelves
4. This free e-mag I forgot to include before: Rue
5. These fun paper tutorials. My fav is the tiny envelopes.
          *You can read the first post of this series here.


Dirt On The Rocks said...

yay for sharing links! i'm so behind, but i'm hoping to get the chance to check this out on my free time :)

Danielle said...

Abby - I understand about being behind. Thanks for still stopping by.

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