Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello September

Credit: Brown Dress With White Dots Tumblr
via Matchbook Mag

Wow. September you came in like a lion (forget whatever you've heard about March) & roared in my face. Here I was, all hopeful & excited for the onset of my favorite season & its fresh possibilities…and well…you slapped me upside the head & literally spit on my leg (Yes, there was spit involved. Don’t ask). I don’t know what type of message or lesson I was supposed to be taking from this but thank goodness my incredible husband saved the day & reaffirmed my faith in humanity. There’s nothing like coming home to a “suited-up” husband with flowers in hand, waiting to take you on a date.

So now, I’m amazed by the new & numerous ideas I have spinning around when just a few days ago seemed so bleak. There is going to be a complete makeover. A whole new approach & as the incredibly smart & awesome Danielle LaPorte pointed out:

Even destiny has an expiry date. This is such primal wisdom. I’m all for a relentless dreaming & a fierce faith. But if you’re spending an overly long time trying to wish, hammer, hope, push & ploy things into form, maybe it’s time to point your dream in another direction. If a crop isn’t growing, the farmer doesn’t keep wasting water & fertilizer on it. He yanks it out, tills the soil & plants a whole new kind of seed. Let ‘em go. Kill the project. Shut down a division. And take that same longing for love, or creative fulfillment, or phat cash & face forward!

So I hope that you’ll stick around & join me on this new journey. There are major changes planned for this space & A Love Affair with Paper.  I will be sharing bits & pieces as I fine-tune them & get my plans together. Some of these changes include: a new weekly series & a focus on creativity & community. Tell me, do you like the Handmade Love Wednesdays series? Do you find it helpful, relevant, fun? Or are you ready for something new? Lay it on me.

By the way, hope you liked the August Break series. I really enjoyed taking a mini-vk from blogging words & focusing on pictures instead. I want to keep up the practice of photo-taking & am thinking of starting a weekly post dedicated to just a pic.

Have a great day & welcome September.


Dirt On The Rocks said...

I can't wait to see what you'll have going on here :)

I can relate and I usually like to move forward with ideas and projects :)

Linda said...

Can't wait!
Maybe you'll inspire me. I've been feeling uninspired lately.

Danielle said...

Abby-Thanks for your support!
Linda - I know what you mean about being uninspired. I've been in a rut off & on for a while now.

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