Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Favs Friday

  1. 2000 suspended dandelions - yes 2000. Absolutely gorgeous.
  2. This is my dream library (via: lemon & raspberry)
  3. This e-mag on design, fashion & inspiration. It is Ah-mazing! (via: Decor 8)
  4. These necklaces (for the day when I have some extra cash lying around) (via: Design Sponge)
  5. These amazing paper cuts - I mean absolutely incredible. What patience...
Have a fantastic weekend! And feel free to provide links in the comments (I can't get Mr. Linky to work right for some reason) of things you've found online. 


    Linda said...

    I want to spend an entire weekend holed up in that library.

    Joyfulploys said...

    Hi Danielle...I decided to do my 5 favs also as you know by know since you came by my blog. Did you see the leaves on page 9(I think) in e-mag you posted? Those called out my Have a good weekend!

    Woz said...

    I want both that library and a Woz necklace. Bad. So so bad.

    abby said...

    I love these 5 links you put up every friday. I should start doing this too. You always have great link ups. Btw, I apologize your package is arriving so late. They were packed and ready to go on the 1st. Then my bf forgot to mail it and put all my packages in the backseat of his car. I swear men right? lol. Yea just found out. I apologize.

    Danielle said...

    Linda - I know! It's incredible.

    Mary - Yes those plates are beautiful. And thanks again for linking to my site!

    Woz- Agreed. Definitely need a personalized necklace.

    Abby - No problem - I completely understand. Your package is scheduled to arrive on Mon. :)

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