Monday, December 12, 2011

Creative Project: December Daily Album

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. I wanted to give you my weekly update for my December Daily album. I spent all day Saturday fighting off a cold & working on this. There's nothing daily about this for me, besides keeping notes on the days' events & planning layouts. And I knew that it wouldn't be.

Here are Days 4-9. You can see my previous pages here.

Day 4 - I made maple whip & we've been
using it in our coffee daily. I included the recipe
& a tag that says "new tradition," as I plan
on making it for all Holidays.
Day 5 is about the weather - rainy & in the 50s.
The next page is a card I received from April
with Blacksburg Belle (I've bought a
bunch of classes from her).

Day 6 are decorations on the CCAD
building, which I pass on my way to
work everyday. 
Day 7 is a pic of our work decorations & Day 8
is of an 80s movie night we had (except for the
Muppets, which was from '08)

Here is Day 7 close up. This is my fav pic so far &
it was taken with a Polaroid app on my
camera phone. I didn't do any editing to it,
except to crop it & remove the white Polaroid frame. 
The other movie from Day 8. 

Day 9 I started fighting off a cold & these three
things from Trader Joe's made me feel
better. Especially the Cookie Butter :)
Thanks for stopping by.


Linda said...

My mom introduced me to that aloe drink just this past Thanksgiving. I love it!

Danielle said...

Linda - did you see any noticeable benefits?

Emily said...

The pages are fabulous!!! Love them!

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